Thursday, June 2, 2011

Configure Email With the Opera Browser

You have many options when it comes to choosing an Internet browser. Examples include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Netscape. Opera has the ability to configure a desktop email client within the browser, separating it from the other options.
This article will help you to configure Email with the Opera Browser.Instructions
  1. Open the Opera web browser. On a Windows computer, click "Start," "All Programs," "Opera." Alternatively, you can click the "Start" orb and type "opera" in the instant search box. Opera appears in the list for you to choose. On a Macintosh, open a "Finder" window, and navigate to Opera in the "Applications" folder.
  2. Select "Tools," "Mail" and "Chat Accounts" from the menu bar. When asked if you want to create a new mail account, choose "Yes."
  3. Select "E-mail" as the type of account you want to configure, and click "Next."
  4. Type your name and email address. Click "Next."
  5. Type your login and password for the email address you specified in Step 4. Click "Next."
  6. Type the name of your incoming and outgoing server. If you do not know this information, contact your email or Internet provider. In most cases, these fields are automatically populated after you type the correct login and password in Step 5.
  7. Click "Finish." You have successfully configured an email account in the Opera browser.