Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Install Opera on Wii

The Wii has revolutionized the way many people see video game consoles. Even those who have little or no experience with video games can enjoy the system's family-friendly appeal and take advantage of its many features. One of the best features of the Wii is the Internet Channel, powered by the Opera browser. It's easy to install and learn, and provides instant access to your favorite sites.

This article will help you to Install Opera on Wii.Instructions
  1. Turn on your Wii and wait for the main menu to appear. The default profile will automatically load, but it does not matter which user logs on when you want to install Opera. Software follows the Wii, not the user.
  2. Make sure your Wiimote is on and calibrated. Note that you can also turn on the Wii using the Wiimote's "On" feature.
  3. Access WiiShop from the main menu. From the WiiShop you'll be able to get both Wii Points and the Internet Channel, powered by Opera. You can also save your account information so you can quickly make purchases without having to reenter credit card numbers multiple times.
  4. Select the Internet Channel menu option by pressing the trigger or by pressing the "A" button.
  5. Confirm your purchase of Opera by pressing the "A" button when prompted. Your Wii points will be automatically deducted and the download of the Internet Channel will begin. Once the install is completed, you will immediately be able to start using the Internet Channel.
  6. Use Opera's browser function to search for your favorite web pages and install them as such. Doing so will limit the amount of typing/searching you have to do in order to access the Internet using your Wii.