Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Use Call Forwarding With the Internet

Many dial-up connections today use a separate line from your phone line, so your service is not interrupted. However, some companies still use your regular phone line for your Internet, which means that while you are online, anyone calling you is going to get a busy signal. If you don't have another line for your Internet, you can easily forward your phone to somewhere else, like your cell or work phone, so you don't miss calls.

This article will help you to Use Call Forwarding With the Internet
  1. Find out what your forwarding code is. Each phone company will have a specific code for forwarding calls. The code might be *72, or another two digit code. Usually, for rotary phones, the code would be 1-1-7-2. Look in your phone book or call your phone company to find out this specific code.
  2. Pick up the receiver of your phone and dial the specified code.
  3. Wait for the double beep and then input the phone number you would like to forward the calls to. This might be another line in your home, or another line all together. The phone system will read the code and the number you have dialed, and will ring that number to complete the call forwarding.
  4. Wait for the call to connect, and for someone on the other end to answer.
  5. Keep the connection for at least six seconds to ensure that forwarding has taken place.
  6. Hang up the phone.
  7. Test that calls have been forwarded by picking up your phone and dialing the code again. If you hear two short rings instead of a long ring, the calls have been forwarded.