Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Make Your Own Chrome Theme

Google Chrome and its more secure counterpart Google Iron offer "themes" as a way to personalize your browsers. Users bored with the basic grey-and-white template can create new visuals from almost any image or set of images. There are many Chrome/Iron themes for free download online, but if you want a personalized theme, you can make your own. There are several programs that make this easy.

This article will help you to make your own Chrome theme.
  1. Make your own Iron or Chrome theme with Chromium Theme Creator. This free program offers a simple, attractive interface that lets you add an image, then drag it around a preview window to see what Chrome will look like. Then you simply save it and move to the Chrome folder to implement. Download it in Resources.
  2. Make your own Iron or Chrome theme at Chrome Theme.Net. This works similarly to Chromium, but runs right from your Web browser. You click "Create a theme online" and follow the wizard's instructions to upload and crop photos. Find it in Resources.
  3. Make your own Iron or Chrome theme with CRX Theme Creator. This program offers more options than Chromium Theme Creator, making it suitable for more advanced builders. You can set individual elements of the Chrome theme to different images. The catch is you need to know what Google file names correspond to what elements. Download it in Resources.