Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reinstall the Google Toolbar in Firefox

The Google Toolbar for Firefox adds some Google features to your browser. If you have it installed, you can use it to access your Google bookmarks, use Sidewiki, check your spelling, translate Web pages, search with Google and more. You can uninstall the Google Toolbar whenever you want. If you have previously uninstalled it, you can re install it at any time.

This article will help you to Reinstall the Google Toolbar in Firefox.
  1. Go to Google's Toolbar for Firefox Web page.
  2. Click "Install Google Toolbar."
  3. Uncheck the boxes next to "Use Google as My Default Search Engine" and "Set My Home Page to Google," if you do not want those options. They are set as default options, but you are not required to have them.

  4. Click "Agree and Install."
  5. Click "Install Now," when prompted.
  6. Press "Ctrl," "Shift" and "A."
  7. Click "Enable" next to the Google Toolbar listing in the Extensions list.
  8. Click "Restart Now."