Monday, July 18, 2011

Get Your Google Voice Account Set Up

Google will email you with the subject line of "You've Been Invited to Google Voice". If you have that email then continue with this article, because you are about to opened up to the world of google voice!

  1. OK so inside the email you will find a link to your specific Google voice account set up. Click the link and you will be on your way. You will now enter your Gmail address and password. You will sign into Google voice the same user and password as you do to sign into Gmail.
  2. The first thing you get to decide is your phone number. That's right you get to choose your own phone number. You will notice that you can choose to enter the area code you would prefer, and/or a word you would like to be affiliated to your phone #. For instance 555-serenity You will find this step can take a bit of time because this will be the number you will hand out from now on as your 1 and only phone number. Have fun look for something that fits your needs!
  3. Once you have the number you like then click the number and continue. Now it will ask a 4 digit pin number from you. This will be the number to access your voice mail. Accept Google's terms and click continue.
  4. Now it will ask you to enter the number that will be used for forwarding calls. Understand that the Google voice number is just like a gateway. From the time someone calls that number you will then forward the calls to specific other phone numbers. For instance someone calls your google voice number of 555-555-5555 it will then forward to lets say your cell phone and your office. So you will then enter these numbers in as forwarding numbers.
  5. Once you have entered the number you will be forwarding to you then will click continue and it will prompt that google is about to confirm this phone number. You will confirm this number by picking up the call and entering the 2 digit code that Google randomly picks for you. At this time when you enter the code Google will prompt you on that phone call if you would like to set up your voice-mail and so on. You may do so or you can do it afterward anytime.
  6. As you can see now you are confirmed and ready to go. Google does offer at this point an option to add other phone numbers. Keep in mind though, if you plan on adding a number to forward to you must be able to answer that call and enter the code so as to validate the forwarding. Otherwise people could just stheir calls to just about anywhere, making some unsuspecting soul the butt of a rude and annoying phone existence.
  7. Now after you click done you will find you can enter the dashboard system of Google voice. The first screen you see is showing you the power of the transcribed voice-mail system you just inherited. Google will take the voice-mails you receive and translate them to actual text and email them to you. This is a great feature that I love. But at this point there is too many features to go over, so explore and enjoy.