Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Disable Browser Toolbars in IE

Many of today's Web browsers have toolbars, components that allow browsers to perform several functions. Toolbars may display everything from bookmarks, links, and menus. While they vary with different Web browsers, you can disable the ones you are currently not using. Disabling or hiding toolbars maximizes browsing space and does not affect your browser in any way. Once disabled, you can re-enable the toolbars again when you want to use them.

This article will help you to Disable Browser Toolbars.

Internet Explorer

  1. Launch Internet Explorer and click the "Tools" menu on the top of your browsing window.

  2. Highlight "Toolbars" from the "Tools" menu. You should see a check mark next the toolbars currently displayed on your browser.

  3. Click the toolbar you want to disable. The check mark is removed automatically and the toolbar is removed from Internet Explorer. Go back to "Toolbars" to disable other toolbars.