Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Put an Emoticon in a Messenger Display Name

Your instant messenger display name is the name that your contacts see whenever you are using an instant messenger service, such as Yahoo! Messenger or Google Talk. If you are bored with your current display name you can jazz things up by adding an emoticon, also known as a smiley. Adding emoticons to display name is a fairly simple process that can be done just by following a few basic steps.

This article will help you to  Put an Emoticon in a Messenger Display Name.

  1. Log into your Yahoo! Messenger account. Click on the "Messenger" setting, then select "My Contact Details."
  2. Search the available emoticons and find the one you wish to use. Enter the emoticon next to your name in the box that says "First Name."
  3. Save your changes by clicking "Save & Close" from your menu. The emoticon will now be visible in your display name.