Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Watch TV on the Internet

If you are like me, you find it easier and more convenient to watch TV on the internet instead of on a television set. Major broadcasting stations, like NBC, ABC, and CBS now stream most of their hit television shows over the internet! Here are easy ways to watch internet TV

This article will help you to watch TV on the internet.

  1. One easy way to watch TV over the internet is to go directly to the television broadcasting station's website. You can watch TV on internet at most stations, including NBC, ABC, and CBS. You can also watch internet TV at public television station's websites, such as PBS. The benefit of watching streaming internet television directly from the station website is that you get a higher quality reception and fewer interruptions. You won't always be able to find live TV on internet, so there will be a slight delay for live broadcasts, such as presidential debates or the Olympic Games.
  2. Netflix is a great way to watch television over the internet. If you already have a Netflix account, click on your account settings to find out how to set up your Watch It Now capabilities. At Netflix Watch It Now, you can watch television programming that is hard to find over the internet, such as cable television shows. By watching streaming internet television through Netflix Watch It Now, you can choose from hundreds of television shows and watch them immediately. One of the biggest benefits of watching internet TV on Netflix Watch It Now is that there are no commercials! Now that is a huge payoff.
  3. You Tube is another website where you can watch internet television. Usually on You Tube the television shows play in clips, but you may be able to find entire television shows on You Tube. The benefits of You Tube is that you may be able to find rare, vintage, or hard to find television shows, such as 1980's cartoons, 1970's commercials, or political broadcasts from the 1960's. You Tube also plays home videos and real estate advertisements, so it is really a great resource for education and internet shopping. You Tube is a great resource for free internet online television clips.