Friday, July 1, 2011

Synchronize Bookmarks in IE

Many computer users find themselves on multiple computers throughout the course of the day, from the home-based PC to a work desktop to a laptop. The constant computer switching makes it difficult to keep your bookmarks up to date and in sync. Fortunately, most modern Web browsers include built-in bookmark sync tools that can ensure you always have access to your bookmarks, no matter what computer you are using. If you use multiple different Web browsers, there are tools that offer cross-browser support.

This article will help you to Synchronize Bookmarks in IE.
  1. Launch Internet Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the Zinkmo download page. Zinkmo is an Internet Explorer tool that enables synchronization of Favorites.
  3. Register for a free Zinkmo account. You will need to click an activation link in your email in order to enable the account.
  4. Click "Download Zinkmo."
  5. Launch the Zinkmo installation file and click "Next" to begin installation and choose a program directory.
  6. Enter your Zinkmo user name and password and then click "Next."
  7. Click "Yes, Automatically Synchronize my IE Favorites" and then click "Next."
  8. Click "Install" to complete installation and launch Zinkmo. The sync tool will launch upon Windows start-up and run in the background to ensure that your bookmarks are always in sync.
  9. Install the tool on additional computers to keep those in sync with your Internet Explorer favorites.