Saturday, December 25, 2010

What is ActiveX Control in Internet Explorer

Whenver you visit a website in  Internet Explorer you may be prompted to install an ActiveX Control to use some functionality on the site. It is usually described in the appearing prompt. ActiveX Controls are similar to plugins for Internet Explorer that add capabilities to the browser.
       Usually ActiveX Controls add plugin-like features to the web browser, for instance the ability to view specific videos. The website that tries to install the ActiveX Control should always display what the control is needed for. These type of controls have been misused in the past, and it is always a good idea to see if you can navigate and use the website without installing the ActiveX Control

There are chances website will not work correctly in other browsers. This is often the case if the ActiveX Control is needed for the site to operate correctly. Since the other browsers do not support ActiveX Controls they cannot display the contents correctly.

You can find a  pops up at the top of the screen beneath the toolbars. This prompt is the installation prompt for the ActiveX control. It asks you to give permission to the control, so that it can be installed in Internet Explorer. This is a safety measure that prevents websites from installing ActiveX Controls without the user’s consent.
If you click the popup a menu appears. Here you can click on Install ActiveX Control to continue with the installation. If you do not want to install the Control you can simply ignore it, or click the x at the left side of the prompt to close it. The Install ActiveX Control option spawns an installation dialog. Here it is again possible to stop the installation by clicking on Stop Install, or go forward with it by clicking on the Install button.