Thursday, December 16, 2010

Optimize Firefox and Reduce CPU and Memory Usage

Recent versions in firefox has fixed most of the bug's. But still you can minimize the CPU usage. Now let's optimize Firefox to use less memory and to work faster.

Reduce Number Of Addons
Addons can cause Firefox to use more memory when they're used and may not release their memory until Firefox is closed. So disable unwanted Firefox extensions.

Disable/Update Java Plugin

Disable the Java plugin, by going to Tools > Options > Content tab and unchecking Enable Java. Most sites do not use Java. So, you end up wasting CPU resources for a plugin that you do not use. also sometimes running a Java applet during the browser session can cause the cursor to behave erratically when you type in a text fieldIf you are concerned about high memory usage, update Java to the latest available version.

Use Minimum Tabs
Do not open more than 10 tabs. The more tabs you have, the more memory Firefox consumes. Experiment with the number and come up with an optimal number for your PC.

Clear the Download History
Go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Download History -> Remove Files from the Download Manager", select: "Upon successful download