Thursday, December 23, 2010

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

In order to make your browser experience much better you can use few keyboard shortcuts which helps you to save time while browsing.
  • CTRL-D Bookmark the current page
  • ALT-F4 Close a window
  • CTRL-F Find in this page
  • CTRL-U View page source
  • CTRL-L Highlights the address bar so you can start typing an URL quickly.
  • CTRL-+ Decrease or increase font size of a page
  • CTRL-T Open a new tab SHIFT-Click While clicking a a link, to launch a new window automatically
  • BACKSPACE Go back in browser history
  • F11 Full screen mode
  • CTRL-K Highlights the search bar so you can start typing an search query quickly.
  • F5 Reload the web page