Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Wireless Networking Issues in Windows 7

We often come across wireless issues, connecting a laptop or gaming device device becomes tough task. I have made a list of some basic troubleshooting steps to fix wireless issues in Windows 7

1. First power off your broadband modem, router and desktop/laptop.
Now first turn ON the modem, then the router, and then finally the desktop/laptop. Make sure you are doing this in order, allowing 40 to 60 seconds in between each device to enable the device to be fully booted and able to accept connections.

2. Update the drivers for your wireless network adapter via Windows Update in Win 7, or by using the website for either the company you bought your PC/Laptop from or the manufacturer of your networking device.

3. Network Nmae: Ensure that your router is set to broadcast it’s network name (SSID), ensure that you are connecting to the correct wireless network (SSID) and that you are using the correct WEP/WPA passkey on both devices.
  • Please use “Windows Connect Now” or “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” if available on your wireless router to ensure that the connection is setup correctly.

4. Security :If you are trying to use WPA or WPA2, please ensure that both your network adapter and wireless router support this protocol. If you are having issues detecting your wireless network when using WPA or WPA2, try configuring your router to use WEP instead and see if you can connect.

  • Please note that the change between WEP/WPA/WPA2 will need to be made on both your computer and wireless router.
  • If you are only able to connect using WEP, then your networking hardware may need a firmware upgrade. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, please call your hardware/router manufacturer for help in doing this.