Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 and Tracking Protection

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 tracking protection tool gives users control over which site elements can track their activity during a browsing session.This opt-in anti-tracking feature that will block third-party content.

This tracking protection mechanism will enable users to subscribe to a “tracking protection list” which incidentally will hold names of various web addresses that are used by tracking companies.
IE9's "Tracking Protection" will optionally stop this exchange of content for information or even information for information between the sites a visitor surfs to and between interconnected third parties.

What else IE9 features for new web browsing.
•A new JavaScript engine which isn't as fast as Chrome 4 or Opera 10.
•HTML5 support, the new standard of the web
•Addon performance manager to get rid of those memory hogging addons
•Hardware accelerated text and graphics which now means you can play those crazy flash and shockwave games without realising it is in your browser•A clean interface that gives maximum focus to the content and not the browser!