Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WebGL Extension for Browsers

WebGL extension has a  low-level JavaScript API providing computer's graphics hardware from within scripts on web pages (browsers). Once you install this extension to the browser you can create 3D graphics that update in realtime.
WebGL rapidly gaining momentum and has strong backing from a growing number of browser vendors. which uses WebGL to render an exported Spore creature, and let the user rotate the 3D model to view it from different angles.

Canvas tag is one of the most-anticipated features HTML5 promises for the web. which allows for dynamic rendering of 2D images. If you can use HTML to draw a 2D image, can native 3D graphics be far behind?
The WebGL project is making that a reality by combining the canvas element, a bit of JavaScript, and the OpenGL 3D drawing engine. OpenGL has been around for years, and you might know it because of its use in many popular desktop video games - if this project is a success, you could be playing 3D games in your browser.

Note: WebGL extension is  supported by all popular browser's beta versions (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) except Internet explorer 9.

 Mac OS X users shouldn’t need to bother with software rendering, since Apple already provides a high quality OpenGL implementation, and Linux users should be ok as long as they have recent OpenGL drivers installed