Friday, December 10, 2010

How to Filter Tabs in Firefox

Its quiet confusing when lot of tabs opened in browser.Though Windows 7 provides gives preview of all browser window, we won't be able to filter this. So you have an easy option to search and filter tabs in Firefox, In order to filter through all the open tabs, simply right-click on the tab toolbar, and select "Filter Tabs". This will bring up the menu you see above.  Now, you can type in text to match a title, URL or both to show only the tabs you want to see.
Using this addon users can easily apply a filter to show only those tabs which falls under the specified search criteria. You also have options to filter only Title, URL, or both on same searching planes whilst applying the regular expressions.

Download Tab Filter / Tab Search from the Firefox Add-ons website.
Tab Filter / Tab Search also comes with a handy keyboard shortcut too. By default, it comes with a pre-defined hotkey Ctrl+Alt+F to quickly show its search box on the upper part of the window. All that is required is to enter the search keyword, and specify filtering options (Title/URL, or Both).   You can simply click Ctrl + Alt + F to show or hide this exceptional tool. This is  nice addtional feature to enhance your browsing experience.