Friday, December 24, 2010

How to Optimize Downloading in Firefox

We have been using Firefox's default download manager and its not really the most comfortable program for downloading files It is for instance not possible to directly see the download url of a file that is in the download manager. Sure, a right-click and the selection of Copy Download Link from the context menu adds that information to the clipboard, which can then be pasted somewhere to see the web address, but that’s everything but comfortable.

Best Alternative for Download Manager

Just like other firefox cool addons, Download Manager Tweak is a Firefox add-on that tweaks the download manager. It adds a series of improvements and changes that improve the overall usability of the download manager. Among them a slightly different layout with buttons on top to launch, delete or remove a downloaded file and to open the download folder. Those options are also available with a right-click on a file both in the tweaked and standard Firefox download manager.

The advanced tab offers several under the hood settings, like the option to automatically launch downloads after they complete, or to remove downloads from the list after completion. It can also change the Delete key functionality from deleting a download to removing it from the list instead. Download Manager Tweak addon is really useful for people who download files regularly.