Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How To Disable Firefox Windows 7 Taskbar Previews

Firefox users can disable thumbnail previews in their web browser in the about:config configuration screen. All they need to do is to type about:config in the Firefox address bar

Now filter for the parameter browser.taskbar.previews.enable (users who have entered this for the first time need to confirm that they know what they are doing first).

The feature is disabled by default in the web browser. It might have been activated in the past. The value true indicates that the taskbar preview feature is active while false indicates the opposite.

A double-click on the parameter or a right-click and the selection of Toggle will change the parameter to either false or true depending on its initial value. The parameter needs to be set to false to disable the taskbar preview feature. Now Firefox will no longer show preview thumbnails for each tab in Taskbar.