Monday, December 20, 2010

keep the Menu Bar Always Visible in Internet Explorer 9

There are several addons to change settiongs of menu bar in mozilla Firefox.  Let's check how to keep menu bar always visible in IE9. In order to keep the Menu Bar always visible, You need to access registry by going to  Start - Run- and type "Regedit" You have to navigate as per browser installed

  • Find  the following
  • Software
  • Policies
  • Microsoft
•Right-Click Microsoft select New then click Key.
•Name this key Internet Explorer
•Right-Click Internet Explorer select New, then click Key
•Name this key Main
•Right-Click Main select New, then click DWord (32-Bit) Value
•Name this value AlwaysShowMenus and set its value to 1

Now hit ALT on your keyboard and the menu bar should remain. To remove, either set the value to 0 or remove the AlwaysShowMenus value.