Thursday, October 28, 2010

Twitter Addons for Popular Browsers

Some useful twitter addons you use on your browser's on your windows computer.
Twitter Addons for Internet Explorer
TweetIE addon installs as a toolbar in Internet Explorer. If it is not visible, select View > Toolbars > CloudBerry Twitter plugin.  On first use, the plugin prompts for your username and password.

You can write your own text or select text from any website and click on the Twitter toolbar icon. Your 140 character limited message can now be dispatched with a one click.

Twitter Addon for Opera
The Twitter Opera Widget can be accessed from the Widgets menu on the opera toolbar. You will find  little menu on the top gives you access to all your tweets. Posts and updates are almost concurrent. On the minus side, unlike the Twitter tools for IE and Firefox, the Opera widget lacks a URL shortener. But as a simple lightweight Twitter tool.

Twitter Addons for Firefox
Download and install the CloudBerry TweetFox add-on and restart your browser and add your Twitter username and password through the options dialogue of the add-on: Tools – Add-ons – CloudBerry TweetFox 1.0 – Options.
    Select an excerpt from any interesting website and click on the Twitter icon on the toolbar. Tweet the selected text (or any message) from the TweetFox box. Optionally, you can also include the source URL courtesy of the URL shortening service from Chilp.It. Of course, make sure that the entire message is within the 140 character limit of Twitter.