Friday, October 29, 2010

Why Windows XP left out from Internet explorer-9 Upgrade?

Many Windows XP user's want to upgrade their browser. Unfortunately Internet Explorer-8  is the last browser for Windows XP users.

Let’s Identify why Internet explorer-9 won't work with Windows XP.
"Microsoft would not put IE9 hardware acceleration features in the current version of its browser, IE8, or back port IE9 to older PCs running Windows XP."

Similarly back in 2006 Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7, But Windows 2000 was left out of the equation. This means in order to run Internet Explorer-9 as your regular browser you need to have either Windows Vista or Windows 7.

All popular browser's (Firefox, Chrome, Opera) in the market having a tough time with their competitors. Microsoft made IE-9 dedicated only for their latest operating systems.

Upgrading your Browser to IE-9??
 This free update is definately a good option because IE9 is able to rendering all the visual elements of websites much faster and smoother using the powers of the graphics processing unit (GPU).