Monday, October 25, 2010

7 Browser Extensions for Safari-5

  • Ultimate Status Bar
    This extension adds a pop-up bar in the bottom left hand corner of Safari that shows you exactly where a link leads or, in the case of file downloads, the exact name and size of the file.

  • Safari Adblock
    This works similar to the adblock in Google chrome, the same team has built the ad blocker extension for Safari. The entire ad script is blocked by safari, and the ads are not at all downloaded when this extension is installed. You can download it from here.

  • Type To Navigate
    This handy Safari 5 extension will automatically hide any barbaric Flash features that may have slinked into the code of your favorite webpages
    This extension will be of great benefit to older machines are sometimes slowed by the use of Flash on web pages.

  • Access Keys
    Another keyboard web navigation extension, Access Keys lists the keyboard commands supported by any website that you might be visiting in a toolbar that appears at the top of the Safari 5 browser.

  • Invisible status bar
    Save display space or appeal to your own sense of minimalism by hiding Safari’s native status bar, and using the Invisible Status Bar instead. Only shows up when you hover over a link, i.e. when you need a status bar. Download this extension from here.

  • HelveticaTheWorld
    The Helvetica font is used throughout Mac OS X and iOS and is thought by some to be the most readable font in the world. HelveticaTheWorld does what it says and displays the entire world – okay, the entire web – in Helvetica font. It does have a positive effect on the readability of most websites.

  • Shut Up
    Shut Up makes comments go away. It doesn’t work on every website, but does work on most, including YouTube. That alone is enough reason to install it.