Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Internet Explorer-7 common Issues

Anti-Virus or Firewall issues with IE7
•Some third software applications and security softwares, may interact with IE7 in unpredictable ways. The result is usually denial of access to specific pages, disabling your ability to change your home page and blocking advertisements on viewed pages. The solution usually involves uninstalling the offending application.

Websites with Add-Ons
•Most add-ons that are enabled when IE7 is installed will be automatically recognized and function properly. Some addons and active X controls used on websites, are sometimes disabled by default by IE7 and must be enabled before IE7 will recognize the add-on and allow it to function properly.

Red X for Images in websites
Browser displays a red X inside a box where images should be displayed. This issue is typically the result of issues with your cache. Emptying the cache is usually an effective fix for this problem.

In some sites Hyperlinks won't work
Browser will sometimes not allow you to click on hyperlinks within a web page. The problem usually occurs because IE7 is not defined as your default browser. Typically, setting IE7 as your default browser will solve this issue.

Internet Explorer Freezes
•Sometimes it stops working or crashes altogether. The problem usually arises from out of date video drivers and can usually be remedied by updating the software used by your video card.