Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wireless Printer Installation

Make sure you have suitable wireless router and connect the wireless printer to the wireless network. Insert the printer's software and follow the installation wizard steps in your local computer.  Make note of the IP address and network name of the printer to add to other computers. Be sure any computers connecting to the printer are connected to your network. Once your computer recognizes your wireless router you are ready to go.

Once your printer software is installed onto your computer, do the following:
Windows XP
1. Start
2. Control panel
3. Go to hardware and sound (Find printers)
4. On the toolbar click add a printer
5. Click the box, Add a network, wireless or bluetooth printer.
6. Finally your computer will search for the printer and you can then click on it and you are done.
5. Choose the "Connect to this printer" or "Connect to this printer on the Internet or home office network" radio button and use the network name or IP address of the printer along with the network server name to find and add the printer.
6. Change the printer to your default by going to "Start -- Printers and Faxes." Right-click the wireless printer and choose "Set as default printer."