Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Backup Firefox addons

Firefox allows us to enhance our web browsing experience through many different means. One of these means are addons. There are pretty much addons for everything. You can have an addon for knowing the weather or having an addon for synchronizing your bookmarks across different Firefox platforms. If something all of a sudden happened with your Firefox profile, all those addons could be gone!

This article will help you to backup Firefox addons.

  1. Download the Firefox FEBE extension.
  2. Once it is downloaded and installed, restart Firefox.
  3. FEBE is going to list a little Readme inside Firefox. I would recommend reading it to give you all the tips you need.
  4. The very first step you need to do in order to backup Firefox - you need to configure where you want it to backup. This is done from FEBE options. To do this go to tools --> FEBE --> FEBE options.
  5. Click on the Directory button. From here, click browse you choose your directory.
  6. To perform a manual backup, go to tools --> FEBE --> Perform Backup.
  7. Scheduled Backups can be done too, go back to the FEBE options and choose Schedule. From here, you can schedule the time or have it backup when you start and/or exit Firefox.
  8. To restore your backups, go to tools --> FEBE --> Restore --> Restore FireFox Extensions.